Africa is a continent of diverse culture. When it comes to food the three square meal is observed by a lot of Africans. The continent has a lot of dishes with some very popular in other parts of the World. For instance, the rice and beans popular in South American countries like Brazil is said to have originated from west African country Ghana as similar food called waakye is popular in the country. Fufu which is believed to have originated from Ghana is also found in some Caribbean countries like Cuba.


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  1. Hausa Koko

  2. Origin: Ghana

    Hausa Koko also known as spicy millet porridge is a Ghanaian food eaten as a breakfast meal by most people. It is mainly sold on the streets and sometimes in some areas it is sold in the evening from five pm as a dessert. Millet and some local spices are the main ingredients used. This gives it a unique color and taste. It is called Hausa Koko because it is believed to be created by the Hausa people in the Northern parts of Ghana. Sugar, milk and groundnuts are added to it. It is preferably eaten with a fried bean bun called Koose, a spicy fried flour dumpling which is called Pinkaso and sometimes bread. Some people also prefer inserting their Koose in their bread just like a sandwich which is believed to be delicious. This Ghanaian dish has gained popularity in other west African countries like Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Togo and more.

    An image of Pinkaso

    An image of Kooose
  3. Bessara

  4. Origin: Morocco

    Bessara is a very delicious Moroccan dish. It is made from pureed beans (beans that is mashed in a blender in order to make it smooth). The pureed beans are mostly seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic. The dish can be prepared in the form of porridge or soup. The dish is mostly served with crusty Moroccan bread, paprika (spice made from dried red peppers) and cumin seeds on the side. Bessara is mostly eaten for breakfast and it is eaten warm.

    An image of cumin seeds
  5. Bambalouni

  6. Origin: Tunisia

    Bambalouni are Tunisian doughnuts. They are made up of hot water, flour, yeast and salt. The dough is being fried in hot oil until it becomes golden brown in color. Sugar is then sprinkled on top to give it a sweet taste. The dish is mostly served with coffee or tea and it is eaten for breakfast.

  7. Genfo

  8. Origin: Ethiopia

    Genfo is a delicious Ethiopian porridge. It is made from dry-roasted barley flour. The flour is added to boiling water and it is then stirred until it becomes smooth and thick. The porridge is transferred into a bowl and a hole is created in the center using a finjal (Ethiopian Coffee cup). It is then filled with butter and berbere spices. Genfo is sometimes accompanied with a scoop of yogurt and it is mostly eaten for breakfast.

  9. Eggah

  10. Origin: Egypt

    Eggah is an Egyptian breakfast dish. It is similar to an omelet. The main ingredients include lamb, chicken, and vegetables like spinach, leeks, aubergines and more. It is flavored with cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg and fresh herbs. The dish is shaped like a pancake and it can be served hot or cold.

  11. Fatira

  12. Origin: Ethiopia

    Fatira is an Ethiopian dish which is mostly eaten for breakfast. It is made up of a large, crispy, wheat flour pancake. It is mostly served with scrambled eggs and honey.

  13. Okpa

  14. Origin: Nigeria

    Okpa is a delicious Nigerian dish. It is made from grounded Bambara beans which is known as Okpa flour. Other ingredients include pepper, palm oil, onions and more. It is mostly eaten for breakfast. Traditionally Okpa is wrapped in Banana or Uma leaves.

Those are some foods that are popularly eaten for breakfast in some African countries.


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