It is very obvious that we will all die of starvation without agriculture. This is the reason why everybody should be passionate about gardening since we are all passionate about eating. Gardening is the process of growing plants on a piece of land. Some plants that are good for gardening includes tomatoes, onions, peppers, yam, potato and many more. Growing flowers and herbs is also a form of gardening. The good thing about gardening is that it can be done by anybody as you do not need any special skills to do it. There are many benefits of gardening and below are some five of them.

  1. Source for making money
  2. Gardening can also be a good source for making money. Think about it you spend time growing all these plants like tomatoes, onions and more and when it is time to harvest you will save money by not going to the market to buy these vegetables. And you can sell these vegetables to the local farmers. Growing flowers is also a source of making money as you can sell them to farmers or craft events.

  3. Healthy foods
  4. When you make your own garden, you will be consuming healthy foods as you will grow them in a safe environment and you will not use harmful chemicals on it. Foodborne illness reports and food contamination have been widely highlighted as it is a major problem in the World. Organic gardening has grown in popularity, as has the availability of organic vegetables. Processed food additives and preservatives are well-known to consumers. Growing your own fruits and veggies is a simple solution. During World War II, it is believed that 20 million homeowners had victory gardens, which provided close to 40% of all fresh food consumed in the United States. When you start your own garden, you will be confident that the meals you and your family consume are nutritious and safe.

  5. Gain experience about plants
  6. It is possible to learn both by reading and by doing! Getting out in the garden and working with plants improves your gardening skills and helps you to know more about agriculture in general. The more a gardener learns about plants and gardening, the more they desire to know more. Plant challenges lead to new and better ways of thinking. Removing a problematic plant gives you the opportunity to experiment with something new.

  7. It beautifies the house
  8. Gardening beautifies a house. Any outdoor environment can benefit from the addition of a garden. A home with a lovely yard is appealing to the eye and enjoyable to live in and this helps you to impress your visitors or guests. Simply placing a colorful flower pot on a terrace will lift your spirits. Trees and shrubs give not only color and shade, but also provide cover for birds and wildlife. Consider the garden as an additional space to be enjoyed whether inside or outside the house.

  9. Exercise
  10. Gardening is a great way to exercise. You can get all the exercise you need for free just in your own backyard. Gardening is a great way to get some cardio and aerobic workout. According to various studies, an hour of moderate gardening can burn up to 300 calories for women and almost 400 calories for men. Mowing the lawn is comparable to a rigorous walk, planting a garden is comparable to an exercise class, and lugging plants and soil is comparable to weightlifting. Gardening can also help in the prevention of osteoporosis (a condition whereby the bones becomes weak) as we age. There are adaptive tools available to assist you if you have physical constraints.

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