Ghana located in West Africa is one of the nicest place to be on the African continent. The country has diverse culture from fashion to music to lifestyle. One of the things you will like about the country is their local foods. The country has numerous foods which are very delicious. If you have been to Ghana before you might be familiar with some foods which is being sold at the market. Waakye, Ga Kenkey, Fried yam, Gari and beans are some of the most popular food in the market.

Gari and Beans also known as gobe, yo ke gari, bober, borbor and some people even call it red red is a popular food which is enjoyed in Ghana. It originated in the Volta region of Ghana but today it is being enjoyed by many people in the country. The food is not really expensive to buy but it is very nutritious plus it is one of the delicious foods in the country.


Gari and beans is easy to prepare and it can be done by anyone. The ingredients are not really numerous. The ingredients below are grouped into two as there are the compulsory ones and the optional ones.

Compulsory ingredients
Optional ingredients

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