A hobby is an activity regularly done by a person in his or her leisure time for fun. It is not a hobby if one does not enjoy it. The person must love what he or she is doing and must be passionate about it. A hobby is not the same as a job because a job is something that you are paid to do. You do not get paid for your hobbies but trust me as you become perfect in the hobbies below your life will be enriched and you are going to get paid in the future as these hobbies are worthwhile.

Some hobbies that are productive

Watching movies, playing video games, listening to music as a hobby are all good but cannot be compared to the eight hobbies below. These hobbies will help you to become skillful, acquire knowledge and also have fun. Note that if you have these hobbies, you may not be getting paid now but if you develop yourself very well in it you will be enjoying the fruit of your labor.

  1. Reading
  2. If you have or develop reading as a hobby you will never lack. As they say knowledge is power, we get knowledge from reading. Information is being spread all over the World and if you are someone who hates or do not like reading you will always feel lost. Reading also improves on our imaginations, vocabulary, grammar, orthography(spelling), fluency and motivation. And if you like reading, you will always be open to new or modern ideas.

  3. Writing
  4. Writing is for everybody especially if you like reading. The good writers we have today did not become good overnight instead they did so by writing continuously. Your interest may be writing stories, life advice, screenplay or even writing for blogs it does not matter all you need to do is practice. You can create your own universe, experiment with characterizations and many more. One good thing about writing is that it improves our imaginations. One good thing about writing is that you can earn good money if your books becomes successful. For instance, James Patterson a thriller novelist made $86 million in 2018.

  5. Drawing
  6. With practice we can be perfect at anything that we are passionate about. Of course there is a talent or gift as some people are naturally good in drawing but when we practice often we can be better than those who were born artists. If you have an interest in cartoon making, this is the basic step you need to consider. You can develop drawing as a hobby. If you become perfect in this, you can make a lot of money.

  7. Cooking
  8. Cooking is something everybody can learn. The techniques or the approaches of cooking vary as every Country have their style but if you develop cooking as a hobby you will be exposed to different cultures in terms of culinary. You can try to learn different dishes of various Countries. This is very beneficial as everybody eat you can become a top chef or cook if you become perfect. For instance, Gordon Ramsey earned $63 million in 2019 according to Forbes.

  9. Photography
  10. Do not just explore nature. You can take photos and experiment with angles, lighting and shadows whilst doing what you love. Photography as a hobby is worth it.

  11. Gardening
  12. Why don't you grow your own vegetables instead of buying it? When you make Gardening as a hobby, one positive thing about this is that you can make your vegetables grow naturally. You will not bother yourself with chemicals which helps it to grow faster as some may be harmful to the body. Another good thing about gardening is that there will always be food on your table.

  13. Crocheting
  14. Crocheting is a type of knitting done with a long hooked needle. The hook is used to interlock loops of yarn, thread or strands of materials to create a textile. You can practice your crocheting skills by designing the outfits for your children's dolls.

  15. Pottery
  16. Pottery is the art of working with clay to make materials such as dishes, pots and other objects which are fired at high temperatures to make them hard. You can explore the artistic side of you by making this a hobby.

Importance of having a hobby

As a person you need a hobby or at least hobbies. Our assigned jobs can be stressful sometimes, so why don't you do something that you love as a form of a hobby? You will only realize the joy your hobbies bring especially in these stressful times. Having a hobby is very important and below are some five importance of having a hobby.

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