What are calluses?

A callus is when the skin becomes thick due to friction, pressure or irritation. They mostly occur on the feet, but sometimes it occurs on the hands, knees and elbows. It causes discomfort and you do not want anyone to find out you have a callus as this is embarrassing. Callus and corns are similar as this is caused by dead skin cells. Naturally, some people have dry skin and It is more easily for these people to get a callus than those with soft skin. It is mostly self-treatable and one can diagnosed it on his or her own.

Causes of Calluses and Corns

A callus has many causes and most of the times women are the ones who get this problem as they mostly put pressure on their feet through high heels. When there is pressure on the feet, the skin forms new skin for protection however in some people this develops into corns and calluses. It can be hereditary sometimes. Avoid wearing poorly fitting shoes which can also cause nail fungus. Walking barefooted frequently and frequent friction to a part of the skin can also be the cause. The use of tools and instruments on the skin can cause this especially those who go to the pedicure often. Sometimes they are infectious through the tools and instruments used for pedicure. Frequent use of harsh soaps can also contribute to this problem. General advice is that you should avoid wearing hard sandals or slippers if you have this problem. A callus can be treated easily but when left untreated for some time it can become a major problem. It can cause cracked heels which can become painful especially in the dry season. It can also become inflamed.


There are many ways to treat a callus. There are some creams such as heel balm, Dr Scholl Velvet Smooth, Sibi Soap etc. which can be used to get rid of it and you can use foot peel to help treat it. You can also see a professional dermatologist for help. But this can be expensive. Thankfully there are some home remedies available that you can use to treat this.

Home remedies

Home remedy is the way to treat or get rid of a disease or health related problems without prescription or professional supervision of a qualified health personal. It is one of the simplest ways to treat minor health problems such as dandruff, bad breath, minor cuts, callus and corns etc. The things used to make home remedies includes products like salt, lemon or lime, baking soda, leaves, foodstuffs and many more. It is important because it is less expensive and you do not need to be qualified to make it. It is so easy to get and it is very easy to make it.

Some home remedies for you to get rid of your callus and corns so that you can wear sandals or slippers comfortably.
  1. Soaking your feet in warm water and salt:

    One of the common ways to treat calluses is by soaking your feet in warm water with a little salt in it for 20 minutes. This softens your feet after that rub it with pumice stone gently. The pumice stone removes all the dead skin cells revealing a new skin. You can also add baking soda to the solution.

    A pumice stone

  2. Applying lemon or lime to the affected area in the night:

    This is a very effective way to treat your callus and corns. The lemon or lime prevents the dead skin cells from growing. You can mix the lemon or lime with aspirin as this is more effective.

  3. Using shea butter on the affected area and wearing socks during the night:

    A person with calluses and corns needs to moisturize his or her feet a lot. The feet should not be dry at all as this causes it to crack. Some lotions might help but it is not advisable. You must use a cream that is oily like Vaseline and glycerin but the best for it is Shea butter. It is known as an emollient. It contains vitamins and fatty acids which is vital in skin softening. It soaks into your skin which makes it smooth and its moisturizing effect lasts for several hours. Apply it on the affected area when you are about to sleep and wear socks which is thick. The best to use is the silicon socks but no problem if you do not have it you can use any other sock. The socks prevent air on your feet and with the shea butter it keeps your feet moist. Take note that this must be done after you have scrub your feet. Do this for a month and you will notice changes.

  4. Aloe vera and sugar:

    Mix a tablespoonful of aloe vera and sugar and rub it on the affected area. Sugar attracts moisture from the environment to the skin which means it is a natural humectant. Aloe Vera on the other hand helps retain moisture. This method can also be used to soften the palms. You can also use olive oil with sugar if you do not have aloe vera.

  5. Sandpaper:

    Sandpaper is one of the simplest ways to treat corns and calluses. Make sure your feet are dry before you do this. Then rub it on the affected area you will see the dead skin peeling off. Do this twice daily for two weeks and it will vanish like it never existed. After that wash your feet and moisturize it with shea butter or any other oily pomade.

These are some basic home remedies you can use to treat your callus and corns. If you use any of these remedies and it is not treated after some weeks or months, make sure you see a health professional or a dermatologist for help.

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