As humans we need to exercise regularly in order to stay fit. It is very likely that a person who exercises regularly has a healthier life than one who does not. If we are ready to overcome our laziness and do push-ups or sit-ups every morning before our daily activities, it is very likely that we are going to see an improvement in our life in terms of health. All you need is the discipline and the endurance in order to exercise perfectly. Some exercises we can do includes push-ups, sit-ups, skipping, jogging and more. Jogging is running at a steady, gentle pace and below are some five benefits of them.

  1. Improves sleep quality

  2. In general, a morning workout provides sleep quality as compared to afternoon or evening workouts. Various studies have shown that working out early in the morning is the best time to do aerobic exercises. For instance, in 2014 a study by the authors of Vascular Health and Risk Management stated this. Other studies have also confirmed that morning workouts helps people who have difficulty in falling asleep. A study on older adult published in Sleep Medicine showed this.

  3. Manages Blood Pressure levels

  4. Early morning exercises like jogging helps people to manage hypertension (high blood pressure). For instance, in 2014 Vascular Health and Risk Management made a research on people with prehypertension (slightly elevated blood pressure thus between 120-139 millimeters of mercury). They found out that the improved sleep enjoyed by those who exercise in the morning have lower blood pressure at night.

  5. Improves Weight Management

  6. Jogging early in the morning helps in weight management. Jogging or running helps us to burn calories, promote weight loss, reduce fat and overall improve our body composition. A study made by the American Council on Exercise concluded that in a 40 minute run at a 12-minute-per-mile pace, a 68kg person will burn about 362 calories. So when we improve our diet and jog in the morning, we can reach and maintain a healthy weight.

  7. Better Joint health

  8. Some people think running is bad for the joints. Well there is no truth in that. Studies have proved that runners are less likely to develop joint problems. This is because runners are likely to be fit and most of them have less weight which helps to reduce the amount of strain on their joints. Jogging early in the morning also helps to develop the muscle strength which reduce the chances of osteoarthritis (degeneration of the joint cartilage).

  9. Improves Mental Health and productivity

  10. Jogging early in the morning has a good impact on our mental health. When you jog in the morning, you view it as an investment in your body. This boosts confidence and achievement as you know your body have benefitted. The outside view during the morning is one of a kind. During this time, there are a few cars, people and more so it is mostly quiet around that time all you see is the beautiful sights of nature. This helps to boost creativity levels. Researchers have also found that you are likely to improve functions like memory, cognitive flexibility, verbal fluency, decision making and more when you exercise regularly.

Those are some beneits of early morning jogging.

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