Marina Bay Sands also known as MBS is a very luxurious resort which is located in front of the Marina Bay in Singapore. Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is owned by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. It is the World’s most expensive casino property with a net worth of US$6.88 billion. The resort has a 2,561-room hotel, a convention center measuring 120,000 square meters (1,300,000 square feet), the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands mall measuring 74,000 square meters (800,000 square feet), two floating crystal pavilions, art-science exhibits, a museum, a large theater, celebrity chef restaurants, and the biggest atrium casino in the world with 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines. The complex consists of three towers connected by a 1,120-foot (1,340-meter) SkyPark with seating for 3,902 people and a 150-meter (490-foot) infinity pool perched atop the longest public cantilevered (a structure supported at only one end) platform in the world, which hangs over the north tower by 66.5 meters (218 ft). Moshe Safdie architects created the 20-hectare resort.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore was initially planned to open in 2009, but the construction faced delays due to the high costs of material and the labor shortages. The worldwide financial crisis also forced the owners, Las Vegas Sands, to delay its projects in different parts of the World in order to complete the luxurious resort. The owner therefore decided to open the resort in stages, which was accepted by the Singapore authorities. The beautiful resort and the SkyPark were opened officially on the dates of 23 and 24 June 2010 as part of a two-day celebration. The casino was then opened officially on 27 April 2010. The next to be opened was the SkyPark which was on the following day. The theatre was also completed in time for the first performance of Riverdance on 30 November 2010. The skating rink inside which uses artificial ice was also opened and famous skater Michelle Kwan performed there on the 18 of December. There is a Museum at the MBS which is called the ArtScience museum. It was opened to the public and it was accompanied with 13-minite light, laser and water show which is called Wonder Full on 19 February 2011 and that indicated the total completion of the luxurious resort. The official opening of Marina Bay Sands was done on the 17 of February 2011. The opening of the seven celebrity chef restaurants was also marked during this period. The floating pavilions which is the last portion of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore were finally opened to the public when the two tenants Louis Vuitton and Pangaea Club were opened on 18 and 22 September 2011. A fourth tower is set to be constructed at the Marina Bay Sands by 2026.


Moshe Safdie (an Israeli architect), who created the resort, claims that card decks were the resort's initial source of inspiration. The three hotel towers, each of which contains 2,500 rooms and suites, are the design's most recognizable element. A continuous lobby at the base connects the three buildings. The casino has a central atrium with four floors of gambling and entertainment spread throughout a four-story structure. The base of the three towers are broad but they get narrow as they rise. All the three towers have two asymmetric legs with a curved eastern leg which leans against each other creating an important technical challenge in its construction. To support the construction, the legs of the tower were supported with firm temporary structures and it was regularly monitored in the course of their erection. SkyPark is a unique feature of the MBS. The SkyPark is a three-acre park on top of the building which consists of swimming pools, jogging paths and gardens. Underneath the main pools are four movement joints, each with a different range of motion, that are intended to assist them survive the natural motion of the towers. The entire motion range is 500 millimeters (20 inches). Engineers created and installed special jack legs to enable future adjustment at more than 500 sites beneath the pool system because the hotel towers are also susceptible to soil settlement over time in addition to wind. The main function of this jacking mechanism is to maintain the pool's infinity edge's functionality.

The Infinity Pool


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