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Where we lay our heads should be very important to us like how we struggle to make ends meet. Decorating bedroom is very important because our sleeping space should be very appeasing to the eyes and the soul. We can provide guidance if you're unsure of what to consider while designing your sleeping area. Whether you're outfitting your space from new or just making some long overdue upgrades, keep in mind these essential designer suggestions. These suggestions are very affordable too. But one thing you should always take note is you can have the best decorated room on the entire planet but if you do not keep your room clean then your decoration will not be worth it.

29 September 2022


Ventilation is the process of allowing fresh outdoor air into a room. Yes, I said fresh air because you need quality air in the space where you sleep. There are many simple ways to get quality outdoor air into a room. Outdoor air gets into your bedroom through windows and doors. Even without fan or air conditioners fresh air gets into your bedroom through opened windows and doors. It is not really advisable to open your doors for a long period of time but you can open your windows all the time as long as you have net blocking dust and other particles. Only open your bedroom doors when you are inside but when you are about to leave, make sure you close and lock it. Cleaning your surroundings on regular occasions, keeping your bedroom tidy and more helps the air coming from outside to be good for health. There are many things that may disrupt our peaceful sleep and fresh air is not one of them in fact according to neuroscientist and sleep specialist Dr. Chelsie Rohrscheib “Poor air quality can increase your risk of developing allergies and certain diseases such as asthma, or respiratory infections such as colds, the flu, bronchitis, COVID-19 and pneumonia.” This is the basic and the cheapest steps in decorating your bedroom.

Painting or Colors

It is probably not a good idea to experiment with ultra-bright colors in your bedroom. Ultra-Bright colors are colors that are extremely or extraordinarily bright. Examples of these colors includes red, purple, blue, yellow, pink, orange, green and many more. Cristina Lehman of C.Lehman Home says, “For bedrooms, I love to keep with neutral, relaxing, and more muted hues. You're in luck if you add whites, creams, gentle blues, and other calming colors!” If you want to mix colors but have no or little experience, you should let a professional help you with that. Painting is easy and you can do it on your own if you cannot afford a professional painter. It is less expensive and easily to fix compared to other methods. But before you grab your bush or roller for painting, you should have a plan or concept for your project. Always keep in mind that you are not forced to paint the four walls or the entire room with the same color. You can be dynamic with your painting and when different colors are good together you should give it a go. The good thing about painting is that it is easy to fix so when something does not go as planned, you can change it easily. The color white is best for conventional ceilings (a ceiling that has a standard drywall finish with easy installation). For a good painting, you need all the necessary tools for it. Depending on your wall you may require a sandpaper, putty knife, painter’s tape and more. But a roller and a brush are necessary for every painting. You will need a small-sized brush for the edges of the wall. With the movement of the roller, you should have a strategy for it. If you are moving from top to down, you should do that for the whole process and if you are moving from down to top, you should do that through the whole process. And do not be in a rush when using the roller or brush you should take it one step at a time. In order to keep your painting clean and new all the time, make sure your kids never write on it. Always get them a slate or a board when they have the urge to write something. It is advisable to paint your room every six months and to cut down cost, you must do it on your own or learn how to do it as this is a simple process.


Yes, having a large mattress may feel luxurious and lovely, but not if it makes your entire sleeping area appear incredibly little. According to, 12 feet by 9 feet 10 inches is the room required for a king-size bed. A lot of designers will tell you that you need 30 inches around the bed for movement. According to Avery Cox of Avery Cox Design, "I would trade a king for a full any day if it provided me more floor space." When you have room for nightstands on either side, you'll be glad you did it! You don't want your bedroom to feel overly cluttered with accessories and other items, just as you don't want it to feel too crowded with furniture. “The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home because it represents you” According to feng shui principles. Even if you are the busiest person on earth, you spend a lot of hours on your bed. So always try to make it special because your bedroom is your kingdom and your bed is the throne. The bed sheets should always be neat. To ensure this always lay it when you wake up in the morning before work and change it after every two or three days depending on what works best for you. White sheets always look good on bed and has a relaxing effect but when it is poorly maintained, it catches dirt easily. So you can try grey sheets, cream sheets or light yellow sheets. Never leave things such as clothes, books etc. on your bed. With the position of the bed, always place your bed in a way that you can see your door when you lie on it but it should not be directly in line with the door but it can be diagonal from the door. Another way to keep the sheets on your bed neat all the time is by placing a small woolen mat in front of it. Clean your feet on this small woolen mat before you sleep on your bed. When your bed is neat all the time, you are also free of harmful insects like bed bugs.


Give those walls some attention, please! Add some beauty to it. According to Ann Jackson of Ann Jackson Art, layering patterns make a space more enticing and fascinating. "Adding wallpaper to a bedroom can enhance this and make the room look better." Not interested in covering the four walls? Jackson advises using an accent wall behind the bed because it "creates a focal point and adds that extra element of pattern, color, and texture." Do you have a problem choosing the wallpaper for your wall? I would advise you choose a picture that motivates or inspires you. You need a wallpaper that when you look at it, you will get prepared for the day. This could be some motivational words, a fictional character, a painting and many more. Apart from the painting and the wallpaper, you can give those walls some nice designs.

flower curtains mounted six inches above window frame

Curtains play an important role in decorating your bedroom. According to Kathryn Emery a home improvement and lifestyle expert “As a rule, curtains should be mounted four to six inches above your window frame.” But based on your room size you can choose how you want to mount it. Grommet, rod pocket, and pinch pleat curtains are all good for bedroom as long you make some few right choices by following some few methods. Curtains balances the room in terms of color, ventilation and more. Before you choose curtains, you need to consider the fabric. Cotton is the most preferred because it is light, breathable and easy to wash. Silk are also a good choice. According to our research, the color of your curtains can match with that of your wall but it is best if your curtains color is different from that of the wall. For instance, if your wall is painted white or cream, curtains with a teal color is a good choice. Blue-colored curtains can also match with a white or cream painting. Avoid curtains with bright colors when there is enough sunlight in your room. It is always a good idea if the curtains of your window is the same as that of the door. Always choose a thicker curtain rod because your curtains look great when it stands firm and upright on your windows.


Lighting plays a very good role in beautifying a room especially in recent times. A good blend of lights in a room makes it a joy to be in. “Never underestimate the quality of good lighting – it is just as important to your wellbeing and preservation of eyesight, as it is to aesthetics.” According to Jennifer Ebert of You need to have a lighting scheme for your bedroom. Different lighting solutions in a bedroom is a good way to achieve this. Ceiling lights, Table lamps and Wall lights are the most common lighting schemes for a bedroom. I wouldn’t recommend floor lights for a bedroom because the lighting in a bedroom should be a few in my opinion but you can give it a try if you want to. Bedroom lights should not be too bright. Get a light that relaxes you when the sky begins to turn dark. The colors good for lighting are white, light yellow, and light blue.



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a broom leaning against a wall
a light green dust pan on a tiled floor

The easiest way to keep your room clean is by sweeping. Always sweep your room early in the morning when you wake up and do the same in the evening before bed. Avoid using slippers that you use outside in your bedroom. It is advisable to get a slipper which will be used only in your bedroom. Always place a door mat right on your doorstep to get rid of small dust on your feet. Use a vacuum cleaner on your woolen carpet as this is more effective than the broom.


All ceilings on earth have the same problem and that is cobwebs. You can have the cleanest room in the world but when you take a close look at the ceilings, you might notice a cobweb on it. Cobwebs are very annoying and you do not want that in your room which is why you need a ceiling brush to remove it. Also use insecticides to get rid of the spiders as they are responsible for cobwebs and other insects or reptiles like wall gecko in your room. The ceiling brush also removes dirt from your ceiling so get one if you do not have. Apart from the sweeping brush, every house in the world also need a ceiling brush.


Effective sweeping is worth it but it does not do all the trick. This is because even after sweeping in the morning and evening, there is always some dirt on the floor. This dirt is beyond the power of the broom which is why we need a mop to do the magic. You are not obligated to do mopping everyday but if you want your floor to look neat all the time you can mop every three days or every weekend.


These are the simple ways to decorate your room and the easiest ways you can keep it clean all the time. If you follow the above steps or methods in the article, your room becoming like a palace is guaranteed. I hope this article inspires you to decorate your room and make it look neat all the time. Always say this to inspire your cleaning process “In order to get a good sleep, I must keep my room clean”. Note that if you clean your room all the time, the probability of getting diseases related to dirt is very low. Get a very nice room that will make visitors appreciate your effort all the time.

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