Images of the Okomfo Anokye sword pushed into the ground

Irremovable sword is not just a fantasy like the one Merlin placed in the stone which was removed by King Arthur. It is something which is real and still existing. Located in Kumasi the capital city of the Ashanti Region of Ghana is a sword which Okomfo Anokye stuck in the ground which has not been removed till this date. The sword site is also the venue of the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital which was named after him.

Who is Okomfo Anokye?
A statue of Okomfo Anokye

Okomfo Anokye was a fetish priest who was born in Ghana in 1655. It is said that he had dreadlocks when he was born and he was already holding short tail of a cow (Podua in the Akan language) in his right hand and he had so firmly clenched the fist of the left hand that no one could open it after several attempts. The father was then called in to assist. Okomfo Anokye then opened his hand and said "Anokye" and gave to the father what was in it. It is alleged that it was a talisman. He was the one who helped the Ashanti people in defeating Denkyira, a nearby Akan State and he helped to unite the Ashanti people. It is also believed that he could turn into a woman. History has it that he commanded a golden stool from the sky.

Facts about the sword

The sword was pushed into the ground almost 300 years ago. It is said that Okomfo Anokye pronounced that nobody will be able to remove the sword. Many people have attempted to remove it including the late famous boxer Muhammed Ali. It is believed that if the sword is removed, it will end the unity of the Ashanti Kingdom. Some people believe that was the reason why he planted the sword.


The sword site is one of the tourist sites in Ghana. Tourists who goes to this place are educated on the works of Okomfo Anokye and how he played a vital role in uniting the Ashanti people. He is considered a hero for the Ashanti people and some even believe that he was a God sent.

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