Online dating is the process where two people develop romantic, personal or sexual relationships through the internet. There are a lot of platforms that makes it prossible through the use of personal computers or mobile devices. These platforms enables people to sign up and it helps them to connect to other users. It is done through chatting and they video call each other as time passes by.When two people are interested in each other they begin to know more about each other they talk about their jobs, hobbies and their dreams. They have high hopes of meeting each other when they like each other. The world's first dating site came in 1995 and it name was Online Dating became very popular around 2000 - now and a lot of people met their soulmate through online dating whilst others have nothing but regrets.Those who regretted are those who were brokenhearted and those who were scammed. Unfortunately where there is online dating there is scam too.

Scam is the act where a person trick someone or make someone believe in something that is not real in order to get something from them especially money. People get scammed in real life and on the internet too. Online Scam is tricking someone on the internet in order to get something. People get scammed online in many forms it could be through Online Dating, fake get paid to do websites, fake investments and so on. It became a bigger problem in the 1990s and the early 2000s. How do people get scammed online?

Scammers create fake accounts on these dating sites and trick people that they are real. Mostly they create an account with female names in order to scam people. Most of their profile pictures are blurred and they use names like Emily Smith, Sandra Williams, Kate Bruce etc and normally they have only one picture in their profile. Some create an account with male names too. In order to avoid being scammed through online dating, You must tell the person you are chatting with to send a picture telling him or her to touch his or her ears, nose or any part of the body. Thankfully nowadays there is video call on these dating sites so anytime the person you are chatting with is unwilling to make a video call with you, You have every right to be suspicious. Is online dating worth it? Yes online dating is very worth it many people found their partners through the internet. But You have to make sure You do not get scammed. My advice is always be vigilant when you meet people on these dating sites because scammers are on every dating sites even on the ones you have to pay before you sign up.

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