A pet also known as a companion animal, is an animal that is kept primarily for the company or pleasure of its owner, rather than as a working animal, livestock, or laboratory animal. This means that pets are always considered as family. Popular pets are frequently seen to have attractive appearances, intelligence, and relatable personalities. Dogs and Cats are the most popular pets. Pets are becoming more popular these days as a lot of people are seeing their importance.

  1. Companionship or Friendship

  2. Like some people say ‘A dog is a human’s best friend’, pets tend to be great companions. One good thing about them is their loyalty is huge meaning it is very hard for your pet to betray you. A dog and cats for instance always wants to play with you. As we get older, loneliness sometimes becomes an unwelcome companion, causing sadness as well as medical concerns. Dogs adapt their schedules and personalities to suit your needs. They always bring smile to your face. They are never off duty or unavailable. Smaller canines, in particular, can travel without difficulty.

  3. Security

  4. A dog for instance can provide a great deal of security or protection. A residence with a barking dog will deter potential robbers this is because a lot of thieves do not like the barking sound of a dog. The person on the other side of the door may not realize that your watchdog is just 8 pounds in terms of weight.

  5. Exercise

  6. Daily physical activity is important to people of all ages. But the truth is, it is difficult to develop a regular workout program, and it is all too simple to abandon it. Having a dog can help you incorporate walking into your regular routine as you will walk your dog always. So if you are old enough to do a log of tiring exercise having a dog can help.

  7. Responsibility

  8. You do, after all, require your pet. Your pet, too, requires your attention. When your profession ends or your children grow up and start their own lives, the need to be useful and valuable doesn't go away. Taking care of another living creature is quite important as you develop the self-worth of being responsible especially if you take good care of your pets.

  9. Reduced stress

  10. There is always less tension for those who have pets. Older people who have pets are less stressed than those who do not. Maybe it's the frequent walks or the feeling of having a friend with whom to share life's difficulties. Maybe it's that wagging tail you see every morning when you wake up or the smile they put on your face. Dogs for instance always cheers you up.

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