Santorini is one of the Aegean Sea's Cyclades islands. A volcanic explosion in the 16th century BC destroyed many parts of the region, forever changing its rough environment. Fira and Oia, the two main towns, have whitish cubiform buildings that cling to cliffs above a submerged caldera (crater). They have views of the sea, small islands to the west, and black, red, and white lava pebble beaches.

Santorini is the most popular of all the Greek islands and the world's most popular summer vacation destination. This island's splendor is unrivaled anywhere else in the planet. The magnificent Caldera, which was built years ago by a volcanic explosion, has resulted in some of the most breathtaking sea views a human eye has ever seen.


The first human presence on Santorini, according to searches and excavations, dates back to the Neolithic Period(the final division of the Stone age). Around 3600 BC, Santorini was home to a very important civilization which changed the World. The existence of an ancient Minoan colony was revealed by discoveries unearthed near Akrotiri and the famous Red Beach.

Honeymoon in Santorini

It is a very beautiful honeymoon experience in Santorini. Caldera offers luxury hotels with private pools for couples on their honeymoon. Your honeymoon suite will provide a stunning view of the island when you open the door. Despite being close to the noise and bustle of Fira, the top hotels will provide a calm haven. The seclusion and comfort of newlyweds are prioritized in the design of these luxury hotels. If you enjoy being treated like royalty and enjoy minimalistic aesthetics, you'll enjoy staying in a honeymoon suite. Aside from that, Santorini's sunsets are among the most romantic and magical in the world. From a height of 330 meters, you can witness the sun setting over the horizon into the sea while standing hand in hand with your companion.

The food in Santorini is very delicious. Tourists visiting Santorini will be spoiled for choice when it comes to food. At all of the famous venues, you can expect to be given great authentic Santorinian cuisine. Pyrgos and its environs, in particular, present the best cuisine to tantalize your taste buds. On Caldera cliff, you'll also find some of the best restaurants and pubs, where you can enjoy a full brunch, exquisite lunch, or candlelight dinner. If you and your companion also loves seafood, you must visit the Ammoudi taverns — the pleasure of eating fresh food while taking in the breathtaking vistas is priceless!

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