Seychelles North Island also known as Ile du Nord is a beautiful island located in the Seychelles Island a country in East Africa. North Island is a distant tropical paradise that offers the ultimate luxury vacation and perfect privacy. It is located at the far north of an Indian Ocean archipelago. For discriminating tourists looking for unique, tailored experiences that inspire complete relaxation and recuperation, the North Island is a very good option. There are only 11 beautiful homes on North Island, giving every visitor an unmatched sense of exclusivity and elegance. White sand beaches, granite peaks, and turquoise oceans surround each property, which has been carefully built. A North Island villa will serve as your home away from your own home while you are fully engaged in the unique island experience. Your footsteps will be the only indication on the vast, undeveloped beaches of the Island on this property.

The Top 100 Sustainable Destinations included North Island as a winner. The Top 100 list, which was unveiled on October 10 during Global Green Locations Days (GGDD) in Croatia, honors tourism destinations that promote ethical and sustainable travel. This makes Seychelles North Island one of the best places for vacation.


North Island was the first Seychelles island to record a landing by mariners. The English East India Company Ship Ascension's captain Sharpeigh and his crew went on an expedition in 1609, and they discovered that the island was home to a sizable colony of huge land tortoises. North Island was controlled by the Beaufond family of RĂ©union from 1826 until the 1970s. The island at the time had a plantation where fruits, guano, spices, fish oil, and copra were all produced. After the sale of the plantation in the 1970s, the island fell into disrepair and was overrun by invasive vegetation and feral animals. North Island was presented to Marius Maier by his father in 1981. He sought to rid the island of many unwanted animals and plant species, including pigs, rats, coconuts, casuarina, cows, Indian mynah birds, cats, and lantana, an invasive vegetation. His idea was to restore the island to its previous state of purity before human settlements arrived. He did a very good job by restoring the native flora and fauna of the Seychelles, including gigantic tortoises, specific birds, and trees like takamaka, badamier, and the well-known coco-de-mer palm. A turtle nest monitoring facility was constructed in 1982 by Marius Maier and the locals. South African ecotourism company Wilderness Holdings Limited bought North Island in 1997 for $5 million USD. With 11 private villas, they launched a private resort in 2003 with an eye on the eco-tourism industry. Ever since the resort opened, the island has grown and gotten more visitors. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent their royal honeymoon there in May 2011.


There are a lot of fun activities you can do at the North Island. Some of these activities includes; deep sea fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, and scuba diving. The resort offers a distinctive dining concept where the chef talks about the customers' preferences when they arrive and based items on that information. All food on North Island is either raised on the island, farmed in the organic vegetable gardens, or freshly caught from the sea.

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