What is Shawarma?

Shawarma is a very popular Levantine (a large area in the Eastern Mediterranean region of Western Asia) dish. Due to its yummy nature, it has become very popular worldwide. The original meat for making shawarma was lamb or mutton, but today people use various meat including beef, turkey, veal, chicken and more. This article is about how you can make your own shawarma using chicken. This is very easy to make and can be made by everybody.

Recipe for chicken shawarma

Chicken shawarma is one of the best shawarma you are ever going to taste. Its taste will blow your mind away. The good thing about this is that it is very easy to make.

Ingredients: Chicken, Olive Oil (gives the food flavor), Spices, Lemon Juice

Steps in making chicken shawarma

First thing you need to do is to Mix the marinade (a mixture of wine, oil, spices in which meat or fish is soaked in it in order to soften it or add flavour.) Pour the marinade into a container and rotate the chicken a couple of times. Some people also pour their marinade in a ziplock bag. Put the marinade in the refrigerator for about 12 to 24 hours. Do not worry if you are in a rush because even four hours will do.

Add the ingredients to make your yogurt sauce. You have to put it aside for at least 25 minutes in order to allow the flavors to blend. You can put this in your refrigerator to preserve it.

Cook your chicken. You can choose to cook your chicken on the stove or barbecue. Add some small amount of spices and your lemon juice to give it some good aroma.

After your chicken is cooked, allow it to rest for at least 4 minutes in order to allow the lemon juice to spread evenly through the whole meat.

After the above steps is done and well cooked, simply arrange everything on a tray for serving and let each person assemble their own wraps! Chicken, warmed flatbreads, homemade or store-bought yogurt sauce, lettuce, tomato slices, onions, and chicken.

The Chicken Shawarma wraps, are similar to Gyros and Doner kebabs and come with lettuce, tomato, and a basic yoghurt sauce on the side. You can choose to add Red onion, cheese and more depending on your preferences.

Rice and salads are sometimes served with chicken shawarma.

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