What are the Southern lights?

They are two types of Aurora they are the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) and Aurora Australis. The Southern lights also known as Aurora Australis is similar to the northern lights. It is the southern version of the northern lights. Just like the northern lights, they are formed as a result of the interaction between the Earth's magnetic field and the sun. The Earth contains energetic electrons, atoms, molecules in the upper part of the atmosphere and when they collides with the Sun, they produce different colors in the Aurora. They can be found in countries like Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand etc. and sometimes in Countries like South Africa, Southern Chile and Argentina etc. meaning they can be found in the southern hemisphere of the Globe. The Aurora Australis can be viewed all the time in the year but the best time to see it is during the winter, and it is best seen during the spring too. Just like its northern sibling the best time to see it is in the night and Antarctica is the best place to see it.

How beautiful is Aurora Australis?

All Auroras are beautiful and is one of the Nature's magnificient things. They are artistic by nature. The Aurora Australis is very beautiful just like the northern lights. It is colorful and its colors include green, purple, yellow and sometimes other colors like red. It consists of numerous patterns of lights which appears as curtains, rays, sheet and a diffuse glow. Aurora australis is worth seeing just like its northern sibling.

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