Teddy bear is a stuffed animal in the form of a bear.

What are stuffed Animals?

Stuffed Animals are soft toy animals which are made with a fabric with a flexible material. They have many other names such as plushies, plush toys, stuffies etc. They are also known as soft toys or cuddly toys in Australia and Britain.


The first stuffed toy was made by the Steiff company of Germany in the late 19th century. It was an elephant which was made from a textile material produced by matting and pressing of fibers together. It was originally sold as a pincushion(small pad used to place and hold pins). In the United States, Morris Michtom created the World's first teddy bear which was inspired by the political drawing of the 26th U.S President Theodore Roosevelt. The drawing consisted of the President with a bear cub. Stuffed Animals then gained popularity after the creation of the teddy bear. The toy industry significantly expanded in the early 20th century. Peter Rabbit was the first fictional character to be made into a stuffed toy in 1903.

The drawing of President Theodore Roosevelt which inspired the creation of teddy bear.

Reasons why women like Teddy bears

Not all women like teddy bears but a lot of them do. At least they did at one point in their life when they were little.

Teddy bears helps women in their journey to become good mothers. One of the things a lot of little girls idolize is motherhood. And possesion of teddy bears really help them in this path. Little girls like to pretend that the teddy bears they own are their kids. They start by naming them, wearing them clothes, talking to them and sometimes they go as far to try to feed them. They reward them when they do good and punish them when they do bad. This is an imaginary behavior but it is one of the reasons why a lot of women likes and want a teddy bear.

Some women cuddle with their teddy bears. Due to the soft and soothing nature of teddy bears, most women likes to be close to it for some sort of comfort and relaxation. Even though teddy bears have no life in them but one cannot deny how cute and adorable they really are. Some women even claim that their teddy bears help them fight insomnia. Huge teddy bears are the ones most women prefer to cuddle with.

Teddy bears serves as a companion for most women. A lot of women are friends with their teddy bears. They do so by talking to them, telling them how the day went, telling them their secrets and a lot more. One of the advantages is that most women say that their secrets are always safe with their teddy bears.

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